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Please confirm that you are applying to Lewisham Council for a new or changed address as detailed in your application and accompanying documents, including a location and site plan.

Please Note:
  • Please provide location and site plan and detailed floor plans that indicate all the proposed entrances to the building and the number of floors.
  • You should allow at least six weeks for this procedure.
  • Failure to provide sufficient details will result in delay.
  • For new street names we are required to display a 28 days' notice to the local residents in the respective area.
  • When naming, we will consider your suggestion in consultation with the emergency services, the Post Office and the general public. If no valid objection is raised and the suggestions comply with our policy on street naming and numbering, the name will be officially allocated and all relevant bodies will be automatically notified.
  • If you need assistance to complete this application please call 020 8314 8262.
  • You must always notify us on completion of a new build or convertion.
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